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in the gloomy night of life

J.P. Richter

The Fondation Bell'Arte


The Chamber Music Division


Description of the course

Practical Information






This unique program has been developed in collaboration with The International Certificate for Piano Artists, program under the presidency of French pianist and conductor Philippe Entremont and under the artistic director of its founder Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri.

Due to a long artistic collaboration between Mr. Delle-Vigne Fabbri and both Kati Sebestyen and Ervin Schiffer, the decision has been taken to launch a chamber music division of The International Certificate for Piano Artists.

The Chamber Music Group 2010-2011

The Chamber Music Group 2010-2011

Description of the course

The course of study will mainly take place around the weekends and at two locations: The Fondation Bell'Arte in Braine l'Alleud-Brussels, Belgium and at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, France, the historical and legendary school founded by Alfred Cortot.
Sessions abroad may be organized in the future.

The academic session for this program will start at the end of September and finish at the end of May. During that period, the participant will have the opportunity to attend 3 weekends of instruction.
Some concert possibilities will be organized as well (exhibition concerts-no fee). Students may repeat the program as many times as they want.

The purpose of this unique program is to provide participants with the benefits of artistic coaching and career guidance from prestigious artist-professors who represent the string and piano tradition.

Participation to the ICPA-Chamber Music Division is highly competitive and only a limited number of musicians from around the world will be chosen for the program each year.

Chamber music musicians (pre-formed string duos, trios, quartets etc. with or without piano) eligible to apply include those who are working on or have completed a graduate degree, Masters degree or equivalent.

Consideration may also be given to the finalist of an international competition and any string player of a high technical and artistic level. In the latter case, a live audition will be requested.

January 2011

The January Session, 2011

Practical Information

The program will figure 3 sessions at the Fondation Bell'Arte, Brussels/Braine l'Alleud, Belgium and one session at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris "Alfred Cortot", France.

Dates of the sessions for the academic year 2011-2012:

  • November, 26-27, 2011 - Brussels/Braine l'Alleud
  • January, 28-29, 2012 - Brussels/Braine l'Alleud
  • April, 14-15, 2012 - Brusels/Braine l'Alleud
  • April, 18-19, 2012 - Paris - France

On the faculty:
  • Kati Sebestyen violin
  • Ervin Schiffer viola
  • Nina Patarcec chamber music
  • Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri piano

The repertoire will be decided together with the participants

Paris, April 2011

Paris, April 2011


The application includes the following requested documents:
  • complete personal data's
  • complete biography
  • past repertoire
  • proposed program for the different sessions
The material has to be sent to:

Professor Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri
62, rue du Grand-Duc
1040 Brussels-Belgium

Application Deadline: For the sessions in 2011-2012: Before August 15, 2011

The Chamber Music Group 2010-2011

The Chamber Music Group, Paris April, 2011


The tuition is: 100 € per participant / session

(for example: for a duo: 200 €/session; trio: 300 €/session; quartet: 400 €/ session).

A minimum presence of 3 sessions on the 4 is recommended.

The tuition can be paid in 2 times: 60 % on the moment of the application - 40 % before December 20.

All the ICPA-participants will have a special reduction to participate to the international courses organized by Fondation Bell'Arte aisbl:

Music-A Braine l'Alleud (April 9-14, 2012)

Raúl and Panos

Raúl and Panos


At the end of the academic year, each participant will receive a participation document.

As for the final audition to obtain the International Certificate for Piano Artists - Chamber Music Division, it will take place with an international jury.
It will be organized under the supervision of Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri, once the musicians have reached a certain artistic level expected by the faculty.

Only those students who succeeded this final audition will be awarded The International Certificate.

Taiwan 2009

The Faculty

Kati Sebestyen


  • Violinist
  • Head of the string department at the Brussels Conservatory
  • "Professeur extraordinaire" of the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
  • Teacher at the Brabants Conservatorium, Tilburg
  • Active member of the Haydn Quartet, the Ensemble Contrasts
  • Member of the Artistic Committee of the Queen Elisabeth Competition
  • Violin-Conductor of the Sebastian Strings
  • Konzertmeister of the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra

Ervin Schiffer


  • Violist
  • "Professeur extraordinaire" of the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
  • Teacher at the Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen, Brabants Conservatorium, Tilburg, Conservatorium Utrecht, Conservatorium Amsterdam, former teacher of the Brussels Conservatory (Erasmus Hogeschool),
  • Active member and founder of the Haydn Quartet, the Ensemble Contrasts
  • Viola of the Sebastian Strings

Kati Sebestyen and Ervin Schiffer made several recordings together for the labels EMS Records, Vox USA, Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft and Schott.

They perform together in chamber music concerts around the world and give regularly master classes in Europe as in the USA.

Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri


  • Pianist
  • Piano teacher at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris "Alfred Cortot"
  • "Professeur extraordinaire" of the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
  • International Jury member
  • Founder and Artistic Director and faculty member of the International Certificate for Piano Artists, Music-A Braine l'Alleud, The Paris International Summer Sessions

Nina Patarcec


  • Pianist
  • Chamber Music Teacher at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris "Alfred Cortot"
  • 1° Prize Concours International Bösendorfer-Empire
  • Concertist Diploma for Piano and for Chamber Music from the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris
  • Teaches regularly master classes over Europe and performs as soloist or as chamber musician.

For more information

Professor Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri
ICPA-Artistic Director and General Coordinator

62, rue du Grand-Duc
1040 Brussels-Belgium

Email :
+32.2.647.59.94 - +32.2.385.15.50

Elodie Vignon & Philippe Entremont Nelson Delle-vigne with Ramon Tebar Hyeree Chung and Jinha park

Nelson Delle-Vigne & Gail Lee

Gail Lee and Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri

Jean-Philippe Collard teaching Nicolas Horvath

Mariana Costa Gomes

Doña Margarita Copello with
Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri

Anait Karpova working with Philippe Entremont